Coffee Syphon 5 Cup


While enjoying a rich aroma, you can also visually enjoy the coffee moving up and down through the glass bowl. If the extraction times are the same, there is little difference in flavour, making this apparatus a favourite amongst professionals.

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Brewing with the Coffee Syphon is not only rewarding in terms of the control, timing and taste but it is also an entertaining way to make a cup of delicious coffee for your family and guests.

The Hario syphons are easier to use than you might think at first.

Add some hot water into the bottom bowl, insert 15g of coffee grounds into the top chamber and place the alcohol burner underneath the syphon.

Once the water gets to a boiling point, the magic happens and the coffee begins to elevate to the top bowl. All you have to do is ensure that you stir up the coffee so it brews evenly.

Roughly 3 minutes later, remove the alcohol heater, which will cause the coffee to go back down into the lower bowl. At this point, you are ready to serve delicious hot coffee directly with the mocha syphon.